The Best Places To Snorkel in Europe: See Our Best Snorkel Spots

Best Places To Snorkel In Europe

The Best Places To Snorkel in Europe: See Our Best Snorkel Spots in Europe

What are the top places to snorkel in Europe?

Snorkeling in Europe offers a plethora of opportunities to explore the underwater world. From snorkeling in national parks to enjoying the crystal clear water at beautiful beaches, there are numerous options for snorkel enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best snorkel spots in Europe.

1. Snorkeling in a national park

One of the best places in Europe to snorkel is within the boundaries of a national park. These protected areas often boast pristine marine environments with vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life. Some of the top snorkeling destinations in national parks include underwater caves in Croatia, the marine reserve of Cabrera in Spain, and the stunning Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas. To access some of these remote snorkeling spots, you may need to take a boat.

2. Snorkeling at a beach

If you prefer snorkeling at a beach, Europe offers numerous sandy shores perfect for those looking to go snorkeling in Europe and explore the underwater world. The Greek Islands, such as Crete and Zakynthos, are renowned as the water is crystal clear and colorful fish Croatia’s stunning coastline also offers plenty of snorkel spots, including the famous Zlatni Rat beach on the island of Brac.

3. Best snorkeling spots in Europe

When it comes to the top snorkeling spots in Europe, the Mediterranean is a true paradise for underwater enthusiasts. From the Balearic Islands in Spain to the beautiful coast of Italy, there are countless opportunities to snorkel and discover the rich marine life. Popular snorkeling destinations in the Mediterranean include Cyprus, Malta, and the French Riviera.

Which European destinations offer the best snorkeling experience?

For those seeking the ultimate place for snorkeling in Europe, a handful of destinations truly stand out.

1. Explore the Mediterranean underwater

The Mediterranean Sea offers some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving experiences in Europe. With its clear blue waters and diverse marine life, it’s a must-visit destination for any snorkel enthusiast. Explore the vibrant underwater world of Crete. When snorkeling in Crete you can encounter colorful fish and beautiful coral reefs. Additionally, the Aeolian Islands in Italy offer excellent snorkeling opportunities with their crystal-clear visibility.

2. Snorkeling in a marine park

For a truly unique experience, snorkeling in a marine park is a must. In Europe, there are several marine parks that offer incredible snorkeling opportunities. The marine park of Port-Cros in France, for example, is known for its varied underwater landscape and abundance of marine species. The Balearic Islands in Spain also offer excellent snorkeling in their marine reserves.

3. Go snorkeling in the Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are renowned for their beauty above and below the water. From the stunning beaches of Zakynthos to the picturesque island of Santorini, there are plenty of snorkel spots to explore. Discover the underwater beauty of the Cyclades islands, where you can swim alongside colorful fish and explore underwater caves.

What makes a snorkel spot the best?

When choosing a snorkeling destination in Europe, there are a few factors that make a spot truly exceptional.

1. Crystal clear water

One of the defining characteristics of a great snorkel spot is crystal clear water. Snorkeling in Europe allows you to enjoy the visibility that allows you to see the vibrant underwater world in all its glory. Destinations like Gozo in Malta offer incredibly clear water that enhances the snorkeling experience.

2. High visibility underwater

In addition to clear water, high visibility underwater is crucial for a memorable snorkeling experience. Snorkel spots like the coral reefs in Croatia and the marine reserve of Cabrera in Spain offer excellent visibility, allowing you to fully appreciate the underwater beauty.

3. Vibrant marine life

Lastly, a great snorkel spot should be home to vibrant marine life. From tropical fish to colorful corals, encountering diverse marine species adds excitement to any snorkeling adventure. Explore the marine life in the Balearic Islands or the Greek Islands for a chance to see schools of fish and other fascinating creatures.

How to choose the right snorkeling destination in Europe?

Choosing the right snorkeling destination in Europe can be a daunting task with so many options available. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

1. Consider the sandy beaches

If you enjoy snorkeling at a beach, consider destinations known for their sandy shores. Beaches like Zlatni Rat in Croatia or Navagio Beach in Zakynthos offer stunning underwater landscapes waiting to be explored.

2. Look for a snorkel spot in an archipelago

An archipelago offers one of the best spots in close proximity, making it convenient to explore different areas. The Canary Islands in Spain and the Aeolian Islands in Italy are both archipelagos that offer excellent snorkeling opportunities. Overall this area is an excellent place for snorkeling and letting you explore numerous snorkeling locations.

3. Explore the best snorkeling spots in a national park

National parks often provide some of the best snorkeling experiences due to their protected status. Consider snorkeling destinations within national parks, such as Brijuni National Park in Croatia or the Marine Protected Area of Malgrats Islands in Mallorca.

What are the best spots for snorkeling in Europe?

Europe is home to numerous exceptional snorkeling spots. Here are three of the best snorkeling destinations:

1. Snorkel in the clear blue waters of Gozo

Gozo, one of the Maltese Islands, offers some of the clearest waters in Europe. With excellent visibility and vibrant marine life, it is a snorkel paradise. Swim alongside colorful fish and explore the unique rock formations that dot the coast.

2. Discover the underwater beauty of the Greek islands

The Greek Islands, particularly Crete and Zakynthos, are known for their stunning beaches and captivating underwater landscapes, making them fantastic places to go snorkeling. Snorkelers can enjoy the crystal clear waters and encounter a variety of marine species, including turtles and dolphins.

3. Experience the diverse marine life in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is a treasure trove for snorkel enthusiasts. With its warm waters and rich marine life, it offers a unique snorkeling experience. Explore the underwater caves of Croatia, dive into the clear waters of Sardinia, or snorkel in the marine reserves of Spain.

Where can I find the best snorkeling in Europe?

If you are looking for the best snorkeling in Europe, here are three places to consider:

1. Sandy beaches perfect for snorkeling

For the best beaches that offer great snorkeling, head to the Balearic Islands in Spain. Places like Ibiza and Formentera are famous for their stunning beaches and clear waters where you can spot colorful fish and other marine creatures. We also have a separate post on Mallorca if you’re interested in these spots.

2. Explore the vibrant reefs

If vibrant reefs are what you seek, look no further than the coast of Croatia. With its extensive coastline and numerous snorkel spots, Croatia offers plenty of opportunities to explore its diverse and colorful underwater world. There are lots of snorkeling tours that you can go on here as well.

3. Snorkel in the best spots for underwater visibility

When it comes to excellent underwater visibility and the best places for snorkeling and diving, the Greek Islands often top the list. Islands like Santorini and Mykonos offer stunning snorkeling experiences with clear waters that allow for optimal visibility.


In conclusion, Europe offers a variety of amazing snorkeling spots, from the crystal-clear waters of Gozo to the vibrant reefs of Croatia. When choosing the right snorkeling destination, it is important to consider your own preferences and what you are looking for in a snorkeling experience. Whether you are looking for sandy beaches, vibrant reefs, excellent underwater visibility, or a good chance of seeing marine life along the coast, there is sure to be a snorkeling spot in Europe that is perfect for you. We hope you enjoyed this post about the best places to go snorkeling in Europe!

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