Travel Tips for Travelers to Tulum, Mexico

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A few tips to remember:

Travel Documents: While Canadians and Americans may still be permitted to enter Mexico with only picture ID, all passengers boarding international flights are required to show a valid passport.

Drinking Water: Only drink bottled water, even for brushing your teeth.

Food: Generally speaking, food down here is safe to eat in most restaurants. It is not recommended to eat from roadside vendors unless you have a strong stomach.

Electricity: The electricity supply here is 115V 60Hz, the same as the US and Canada with the same wall plug type.

Shopping: There are supermarkets in Tulum and Playa Del Carmen and almost wherever you stay there small shops nearby that sell a variety of everyday supplies, drinks and food stuffs. For souvenirs and such, you can go to downtown Tulum or Playa Del Carmen. There are some nice stores at the beach area in Akumal.

Car Rental and Driving: If you are thinking about renting a car, it is generally cheaper to do it by internet before you leave home. If you drive in pretty much any city you probably experience driving as bad as you are likely to see here, or worse. You will still need to be a bit extra careful about driving here. Always pay close attention to what is going on in front and behind you and recognize some differences in the local driving rules and habits. You should be very aware that when turning left off a highway the rules are different here than in most other places. Unless there is a designated turning lane, you must move over to the right shoulder, wait for the traffic to clear in both directions and then make your left turn. Do not make a left turn from the through traffic lane. The local highway system has been greatly improved lately with a 4 lane divided highway extending from Cancun to Akumal just North of Tankah and this should reach Tulum by early 2008. This has made driving much safer and easier, especially at night.


For a more comprehensive summary of information about Mexico, check out the US State Department websites' Mexico information section.


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