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Diving in Soliman Bay, Snorkeling in Soliman Bay

Maya Diving: Your best choice for Diving, Snorkeling and other activities during your stay in Soliman Bay

As the closest dive centre to Soliman Bay, Maya Diving is the obvious choice for diving on local reefs, cenote diving, snorkeling trips and diving courses. Come to Soliman Bay and experience the underwater wonders of the Mayan world for yourself.

Maya Diving in TulumMaya Diving in Tulum

If you are thinking about taking your first trip to soliman Bay or are a repeat visitor to the area, we hope that this site will be able to provide you with some useful information and insight for diving and snorkeling as well as other activities in the area. The villas at Soliman Bay all offer an outstanding experience with breathytaking views of this picturesque and quiet bay

Beautiful Reefs

The local area has many experiences to offer, including some of the best reef diving and snorkeling in the region. We have guided excursions for all ages and to suit everyone from novices to experts.

Diving Courses

If you are interested in scuba diving courses, our professional training staff can offer you everything from introductory Discover Scuba to the popular PADI Open Water Diver certification course and all the way up to Cave Diving courses.


Something unique in the world that this area has to offer is access to the freshwater caverns known as Cenotes. Take a diving or snorkeling trip with us to one of these and you will experience something that you will never forget. With visibility usually in excess of 100 metres, beautiful light effects and geological formations such as stalactites and stalagmites, these are some of the best caverns for diving in the world and truly an experience not to be missed.

By maintaining the highest standards of service and safety, we ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Soliman Bay Snorkeling, Soliman Bay Diving, Soliman Bay Dreams.

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