Thanks for the wonderful experience

Hola queridos amigos
I simply wanted to take a moment to thank you so very kindly for giving the three of us a wonderful experience while vacationing in Tulum … albeit somewhat discomforting to my very weak stomach ... snorkelling in the cenote with Miguel as well as on the diving with Will. For Olivier, it was deeply empowering, for me as well.  Will was so harmoniously calm, a great antidote to the puzzling sense of overwhelming apprehension I was feeling before finally diving into what was, inherently, the complete unknown … Definitely not an easy thing to do both as a mother to Olivier and a person who makes a career of keeping things under control.  ‘Dame Nature’ definitely has her ways of reminding us humans how incredibly powerful, unexpected and stunning she can be… a humbling and quite authentic thing, really.
Once again, with much gratitude… 

Pura Vida

Marie-Josée, Olivier and Philip
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