Awesome diving in Tulum!!

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the personal attention and the diving experience with Maya Diving October 4th and 6th, 2010. Having gone diving with other operators in the Playa Del Carmen area and on Cozumel, we found the dive staff/guides Deon & Halle and support staff Enrique and Eduardo to be most friendly and accomplished, and more importantly that they followed proper diving safety procedures. My wife and I have enjoyed diving in the area and over the years and have encountered many great under sea world creatures of the Caribbean. This year during our diving at Dreams Tulum with Maya Diving, we dove at Tankah where we encountered the “mirror” fish (perhaps silversides). Millions of small 2 inch silvery fish swam liquidly around and through the coral swim-throughs, always with predators like Ceros (Groupers)cruising at their perimeter. At times, we swam with silver clouds of these little fish completely surrounding us, inches from our bodies yet we could never touch a single one of them. As we swam under coral ledges, the streams of mirror fish would either pour by us as if they were a stream of underwater mercury or would engulf us to the point where you could not see a foot. Awesome experience! Would we go back….in a heartbeat!!!!

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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the great comments Randall!! I had a few dives last week with the Silversides (yes that’s what they are called) and it really is amazing. Big Groupers and Barracuda hunting small jacks hunting the little fish. Several different species are mixed in together, some tiny but the species stay together forming patterns between tiny and larger little fish sometimes a group reflecting yellow instead of silver. Very impressive. This year there are more than usual but it just goes to show, there’s always something new on the reef. That’s why we love it.

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