Lionfish on Tulum Reefs!!

Yes Lionfish, coming to a reef near you!!
Our first report of a Lionfish seen diving on a tulum reef was 3 years ago. Now this year we have been seeing quite a few in the many small caves and swimthroughs on our reefs. Word has it this is not a good thing. They are trying to figure out what to do on Cozumel which has been overrun with these little nasties.
Some people are saying that they may destroy the reefs, I hope something or someone figures out how to eat them and soon. Maybe all the restaurants should put it on their menus. Just look at what that does to grouper populations. Sure as heck we don’t have too many big groupers left which are said to eat lionfish.
Makes you think, would the lionfish have a chance at breaking into a reef system in this area 100 years ago when all the species were in balance…

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