First Dive Club Barbecue!!

Calling all water lovers and divers. The Siren is calling.

Maya Dive Club’s first barbecue is happening!!!! this Saturday, Nov. 15th. 7 pm at El Crucero. If in doubt, scream and shout.

Write this down in your calendar, everyone else will write it in their history books but you will be able to put it in your memoirs (if you come).

Awesome live rock music, massive barbecue, all the booze you can afford (that bit’s not free), dancing on the floor, dancing on stage (the tables) in uniform (the lamp shades) and more.

We might even get some business attended to like when and where and who for our first club dive. We will vote on the secret club handshake and password so you’ve got to be there, your future’s at steak. Pass the barbecue sauce.

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  1. Tim says:

    Well, we had fun!! I even got up and sung a few to the delight of all my fans and new groupies. Eric the guitarist rocks. The Norgies didn’t show up ’til midnight and seemed a little surprised at the welcome they got. 15 divers in the group and a pretty hardcore bunch they turned out to be. Lots of good dives and plenty of good food and beverages consumed.

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