Shark population declines.

Anybody like sharks? At least it’s nice to see a reef shark now and then when diving and Bulls and Hammerheads are a thrill and rarely do they harm humans. In any case they are a vital part of the marine systems they live in as more and more studies are showing.

Here’s a quote from a Dalhousie University report which you can find at

“Now, by examining a dozen different research surveys from 1970-2005 along the eastern U.S. coast, the research team has found that their original study underestimated the extent of the declines: scalloped hammerhead and tiger sharks may have declined by more than 97 percent; bull, dusky, and smooth hammerhead sharks by more than 99 percent.”

Anyone still think it’s ok to kill sharks?

Or from the Myers and Baum study at Dalhousie in 2003

“Overexploitation threatens the future of many large vertebrates. In the ocean, tunas and sea turtles are current conservation concerns because of this intense pressure. The status of most shark species, in contrast, remains uncertain. Using the largest data set in the Northwest Atlantic, we show rapid large declines in large coastal and oceanic shark populations. Scalloped hammerhead, white, and thresher sharks are each estimated to have declined by over 75% in the past 15 years. Closed-area models highlight priority areas for shark conservation, and the need to consider effort reallocation and site selection if marine reserves are to benefit multiple threatened species.”

We don’t see “Caribbean” Reef sharks on our reefs here in Tulum more than once every year or two. We do however regularly see longlines either in the water, in this case not so very long only a few hundred metres, or washed up. The longest line we recovered was an estimated three kilometers long!!! How many big fish and sharks would that kill or did it kill before it got lost in a storm?? We have enough 1/2 inch black nylon rope to last us for years on the boats and around the shop.

Let’s look at wildlife, not eat it!!

Speak out in what you believe. It might just make a difference however small.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Tim et all-

    Here is a link (I will try to post) to the web site which I mentioned on our recent trip.

    I cannot wait to see this movie as I believe it to be very important in shark conservation.

    Besides, the dude is very cute for a Canadian in a speedo!

    Here is the link…..

    If that doesn’t work the web site is…..


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