El Crucero shop officially open

So after a couple of months of renovations and repairs and after a few delays for little things like Hurricane Dean and vacations, we have finally decided our new El-Crucero Hotel location is officially open.

Mark and Sharona, the owners, have been mostly away for a couple of months. They are coming back in late November and are planning on sticking around until June or so. We all look forward to seeing them back. That’ll liven the place up a little.

It’s a great place to stay located right near the ruins, and a few minutes walk from the beach. The rooms are clean and cosy, restaurant is decent and the bar is always fun at night with people from all over the world mingling and having fun over a few cervezas. William and Budgie are regular figures, or you could say fixtures since they don’t move around much :-} and lately Kiwi has been joining in too. Never a dull moment with those guys around. We kind of figured that since Maya Diving had already taken hold in the bar, we might as well open up a shop there and make it officially a Maya Diving watering hole during the day too.

We look forward to a long enjoyable and successful relationship with El-Crucero and thanks to Elogio and the staff for making us welcome and helping out. Good friends, good food, great dive shop :-} and nice cold beer at the end of the day, what more can you ask for.

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  1. Robert says:

    El Crucero was the Bomb, I loved every minute of my stay there, Dave and I Hanging out with William and Budgie everynight, and every other night seeing the rest of the guys, Tim, Jamie, Danny, etc. Tulum was one of me favorite places of my Mexico trip because of the beach, location, and all the amazing friendly friends i made while i was there. I thank Dave my Best friend for giving me all those experiences, and someday hope to come back to Tulum to visit and maybe even work. possibly for Tim for starters hehe. ciao Love all you guys of el crucero and Maya Diving, you all gave me the best experience of my life, one worth going back for
    your crazy Canadian friend Robert
    and not here i say Hi for Dave to you guys.

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