Reef Diving in Tulum, better than further North?

I get asked the question a lot whether it’s worth going from Tulum to Cozumel to dive or even Playa Del Carmen or Akumal. Some of our divers have commented that they prefer it down here because the corals are plentiful, there is little or no current and few boats about. Also our relaxed style of diving helps of course and normally no limits on bottom time for shallow dives.

Personally, I’ve been diving up and down this coast a bit and actually honestly do prefer Tankah to Pto. Aventuras, Playa and even Cozumel. Why? In a nutshell, I like small stuff and slow dives. Also Cozumel especially is noisy and a lot of boats. Coz. obviously for drift dives is really awesome but so many boats…. I may be biased so…. Any comments out there from people who might have been to a few spots.

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