Cenote diving

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Cenote diving in Tulum

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  1. Maggie says:


    I think this is a very good link about cenote diving, so I thought I would share…..



  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for the link Maggie, I just spent an hour or so looking at it and other sites with information about Guillermo De Anda (Memo).
    Believe it or not, he taught Monica and I to dive in 1993 in Cancun at which time he had a dive shop called Nautilus Dive Centre. He was an excellent instructor and we really enjoyed the course, in particular, we remember his emphasis and our discussions about safety and diving conservatively, it stuck with me. I have always been a very cautious diver (somewhat out of character for me).
    Since we have moved to Mexico I have heard about him several times, including some good friends who were taught to cave dive by him. I would like to get in touch with him at some point if I could find his email address, anyone….

  3. Maggie says:


    Try this link….third listing down the page….


    Let me know…..I believe this is him, I am still seeking more current info for you….so stay tuned!


  4. Tim says:

    Hey, I actually saw an article about Guillermo’s latest project on Yahoo news by chance a couple of months ago, I should have postyed then so you could have seen it Maggie. They have discovered several Mayan altars deep in caves and then if you go underwater through a hole kind of hidden at the back of the altar you can come out to another secret altar. There are all kinds of artifacts and wall paintings etc apparently there. We actually know an archeologist that is working on the project and lives here in Tulum.
    Maybe with some luck we might eventually be able to go and dive there (cave divers only I’m afraid)
    I’ll post a link when I find something.

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