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Maya Diving has been established in Tulum since 2001. We have established good relations with a number of hotels and resorts that we can recommmend.

Sueños Tulum Hotel

Art imitates life on the beach at Sueños Tulum, with amazing wall reliefs and murals that reflect Nature and the Maya in the context of the beach environment.
This alternate energy mini-resort has 12 rooms in four accommodation buildings, plus a beach front swimming pool and restaurant.
The resort is located on Tulum Beach nearly right at the edge of the famous Sian Ka'an Biosphere reserve.
Sian K'aan is Mayan for 'Where the sky meets the earth'. Come down and see for yourself why the ancient Mayans gave this magical place it's name.

The grounds are filled with palms, sea grape trees and various other indiginous, natural greenery of the local dune environment. The famous ultra fine Tulum Beach sand surrounds the buildings and in effect, includes the resort within the beach, which continues on and stretches for miles and miles in either direction.
The hotel consists of five Buildings named Selva, Sol, Lluvia, Tierra and Luna, a beachfront freeform swimming pool and a private restaurant for guests only.
Five Master suites are on the upper level of each building and feature superior views, great sea breeze, king size bed, private bathroom with shower and sea view terrace.
Five Junior suites are located on the middle level of each building and feature two double beds, a beautiful private 2nd level terrace and a private bathroom with shower.
The interiors of these fanciful romantic rooms are full of color. Each one is custom designed and hand painted in earth and sea tones to reflect various natural themes and (Mayan Gods) including: Tierra or Earth (Chibirias), Lluvia or Rain (Chiccan), Cielo or Sky (Alom), and Selva or Forest (Ah Mun). Each has a private bathroom with custom tile and personalized touches throughout.
Two Beach suites both are on the beach level of two buildings. Each has two double beds, a private bathroom with shower and direct dune/beach access. The only drawback of these rooms is that they have little or no direct sea view, because they are nestled in the sandy dunes.
Tulum beach is a natural, alternate energy destination where all accommodations must make their own power or have none at all. Sueños Tulum makes noiseless power with its solar panels for lighting in the rooms and to power the beach front swimming pool.
Great snorkeling and diving are close by and Maya Diving are here waiting to show you the underwater wonders of the Tulum area reefs and cenotes.

For diving or snorkeling excursions during your stay at Sueños Tulum, Maya Diving offers free door to door pickup service to and from the resort.

Maya Diving in TulumMaya Diving in Tulum

For more information about this beautiful resort take a look at Sueños Tulum's website.

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